Add a user to a subscriber group

By default, all platform users can access all subscribers. When you add a user to a subscriber group, the user can only see the subscribers in that group. This gives you control of the access that users have to subscribers on your company account.

For example, you can restrict the access of your external users, such as contractors or on-site technicians.

1. Select Users from the main navigation.

Result: You see the Users page.

2. Select the user you want to add.

Result: The platform displays the User Information page.

3. From the Restrict to Group list, select a subscriber group.

4. Do you want to give the user access to all subscribers?

  • If yes, select All Groups.
  • If no, select a specific group.

5. Select the Update button to save your changes.

Result: The platform saves your changes and displays a confirmation message.