Order subscribers

About ordering subscribers

You can order new subscribers through the Connectivity Management platform. When we have dispatched your order, the subscribers are automatically added as new stock to your Inventory.

Depending on the rate plan agreements your company has in place, you can order one or any combination of the following types of subscribers:

  • SIM cards
  • eUICC profiles

Tip: If you want to set up new rate plan agreements, contact your Account Manager.

How to order subscribers

1. Go to the Inventory > Order Stock page.

Result: The platform displays the Order stock page.

2. On the Operators panel, select the operator that has the stock you want to order.

Result: The Products panel displays the type of stock available from the selected operator.

3. On the Products panel, specify the quantity of each product that you want to order, and then select the Add to Order button.


If you are ordering SIM cards, you might have the option to choose between different SIM form factors.

Before you complete the order, make sure the form factor is compatible with your devices.

Tip: To add products from another operator to the same order, repeat steps 2 and 3.

4. Once you have added all of the products, review the order in the Order Summary panel.

This panel displays:

  • A summary of the products in the order
  • The total number of subscribers the order contains

5. Is your order correct?

  • If yes, select the Continue button to proceed with your order.
  • If no, remove or add products, and then select the Continue button to proceed.

Result: The platform displays the Shipping Address panel.

6. Does your delivery address match your company's billing address?

  • If yes, select the Use Billing Address button to automatically populate the address form.
  • If no, enter your details in the address form.

7. Select the Complete Order button to place your order.

Result:  The platform sends a confirmation email to the address associated with your user account. The email confirms the request was received and is being processed by us.

About the order history

The order history displays a summary of every order your company has made using the Connectivity Management platform.

The order history shows:

  • The date the order has been placed
  • The order ID to identify the order
  • The status of the order (pending or completed)
  • The operator your ordered subscribes from
  • The amount of subscribers in the order
  • The delivery method and, if available, the tracking number for the delivery

Note: You can select an order from the order history to see more details of that order.

View the order history

1. Select Inventory > Order History from the main navigation.

Result: You see your company's order history.

View an order's details

1. Select Inventory > Order History from the main navigation.

Result: You see your company's order history.

2. Select the order you want to see details about.

Result: You see the order details module.

The order details module shows you the following additional details about an order that are not shown in the order history:

  • The delivery address for the order
  • The name of the person who placed the order