Activate subscribers

About activating subscribers

What happens when you activate a subscriber?

  • An active subscriber can send and receive traffic over the operator's network as soon as the network operator activates it. Depending on the subscriber's rate plan, this may include data, SMS, or voice traffic.
  • An active subscriber can start to generate billable events as soon as the network operator activates it.
  • After you activate a subscriber, it moves from the Inventory to the Subscribers > Active page.

How long do activations take?

The Connectivity Management platform does not activate subscribers directly. When you activate a subscriber in the platform, the platform sends an activation request to the network operator, and the operator fulfills the request. Activation times may vary by network operator.

Operator Activation time Notes


  • Up to 48 UK business hours

  • Subscribers using this operator must be activated using the US instance of the Connectivity Management platform.

How to activate subscribers

Note: When you activate multiple subscribers, you can choose one rate plan per operator for them. If you want to activate subscribers from one operator with different rate plans, you need to activate them separately.

1. Go to the Activate page.

2. Select the subscribers you want to activate. There are two ways to select the subscribers you want to activate:

  • If you want to activate a large number of subscribers, you can create a CSV file and upload it.
  • If you only want to activate a few subscribers, you can enter them directly in the text field.

In both cases, you can add nicknames and tags during the activation.

Result: If you uploaded a CSV file, the platform validates its format and you get an error message if there are issues with the format.

3. Select the Continue button.

Result: You see the Configure your subscribers page.

4. Select the rate plan for the subscribers.

5. Select the Activate Subscriber button.

Result: You see the Review page. You see a notification that the subscribers have been activated successfully. You can now see the subscribers under Subscribers > Active.


In some cases, network operators can take from 48 to 72 hours to process activation requests.

Once you have activated your subscribers, you need to enter the subscriber's APN settings into your device to enable it to connect to the network.

Connect your device to the network

A device needs two components to be able to connect to the network:

  • The subscriber in the device needs to be active
  • The device needs the subscriber's Access Point Name (APN) settings

View a subscriber's APN settings

If you know the subscriber's ICCID, or MSISDN you can use the Search bar. Otherwise, you can select a subscriber by following these steps:

1. Select Subscribers from the main navigation.

2. Select a status from the main navigation to see a list of all subscribers with that status.

3. Select the subscriber from the list.

Result: You see the Subscriber Details page for the selected subscriber.

4. Select the Network tab.

Result: You can see the APN settings in the Authentication Details section.

Enter a subscriber's APN settings into your device

1. Turn the device off.

2. Insert an active subscriber into the device.

3. Turn the device on.

4. Look up the subscriber's APN settings in the Connectivity Management platform.

5. Enter the APN settings into your device.

Note: How you configure a device's APN settings differs depending on the device. Consult your device's documentation to find out how to configure its APN settings.

6. Verify that the subscriber's status is online.

Result: If the subscriber is shown as online, the APN settings are configured correctly, and the device can now access the network.